She gave me eyes, she gave me ears



Letterlijke vertaling van cloud of smoke.
Het woord smog (als samenstelling van smoke en fog) bestaat pas sinds 1911. 


The Sparrow's Nest

Behold, within the leafy shade,
Those bright blue eggs together laid!
On me the chance-discovered sight
Gleamed like a vision of delight.
I started--seeming to espy
The home and sheltered bed,
The Sparrow's dwelling, which, hard by
My Father's house, in wet and dry
My sister Emmeline* and I
Together visited.

She looked at it and seemed to fear it;
Dreading, tho' wishing, to be near it:
Such heart was in her, being then
A little Prattler among men.
The Blessing of my later years
Was with me when a boy:
She gave me eyes, she gave me ears;
And humble cares, and delicate fears;
A heart, the fountain of sweet tears;
And love, and thought, and joy.

* Emmeline is - net net als Emma - een pseudoniem dat Wordsworth gebruikt voor zijn zuster Dorothy. Nergens in zijn poŽzie noemt hij haar bij haar eigen naam. 

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